• Tj Tate

Let's All Take a Breath

Let’s all take a moment and take a deep, cleansing breath. Inhale..... Exhale.... Ahhhh..... You are here, now. You are in this body. If you’re finding yourself here then you’re most likely healthy and your family is healthy. Find gratitude in this enormous fact.  If you are not on the healthy spectrum, think of three positives that you can name right now.  For example, you may have a nasty cough but does your daughter still love you?  You are stressed at work but Spring flowers are blooming and even a virus can't take that away. (you get the idea) There’s so much going on in the world.  It can feel overwhelming raising blood pressure, anxiety and sleeplessness.  Last night as I found myself getting drawn into the news spiral and school closings, my tension levels rose and I began stressing about my stress!  This is no way to live.  Especially right now, when de-stressing can reduce your chances of a compromised immune system.  Go back and take that breath!  Inhale... Exhale.... Ahhhh.... I find it so important to use practices that ground me. To go back to the self-care tools that have kept me AND my family strong, healthy, and happy because that is all that matters. Do what you need to do to care for you. I always tell my students that you can't love others until you learn to love yourself first.  Never has this been more true. Do what you need to do to keep you and your family healthy but don’t go to the extreme. Choose to hold space and connect with others through compassion. Rest. Deep breaths. We can move through this together. Now more than ever, I’m cleansing my home non-stop with my white sage bundles and doing a dry body scrub at night.  I can feel it slough off the negativity and hints of illness of the day.  I then grab my favorite ayurvedic oil and give myself a body massage focusing on lymph nodes and stomach (lots of large organs here right:).   Before spas became popular, the art of massaging yourself with oil, also known as Abhyanga, was practiced extensively by people. This is because body massage oils release the accumulated stress and toxins from the body, leaving you feeling energized, rejuvenated and detoxified.   Lately, I have been grabbing plain Sesame Oil or a mixture of Sesame with Lemon oil to help detoxify.   Drinking extra Antioxidant rich smoothies, making sure my kiddo has local honey to boost the immune system after breakfast, and washing hands more than normal has become a routine. I’ve been reading more, incorporating more restorative yoga, meditation, canceling things that aren’t necessary and giving extra snuggles and kisses for the kiddo and furry friends. Self-care rituals and tools like these immediately drop me back into my body and melt my anxiety away. It's like my own superhuman force field. Don't add pressure to yourself to have the most toilet paper in stock and two weeks worth of food already prepared in the freezer.  Be prepared but also take time to breath.  It's the best way for you to stay healthy, strong and ready for anything else this interesting year might throw our way. Stay Healthy and Happy, Tj Tate

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