• Tj Tate

Look for the Positives: LifeFlow Yoga's Position on COVID19

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

As we all move into unchartered waters, we have to find those things that lift us up and give us a smile.  For me, that will always be the people that I love (that includes my furry family), doing yoga and teaching yoga.  I have watched the news unfold and like you sat in disbelief.  I listened to trusted friends, colleagues and health officials deciding it time to make an announcement. LifeFlow Yoga is my blood sweat tears and complete love but none of that matters without my students!!!  Love or no love everyone's health and our community is my highest concern.   I have decided to remain open for the current time-being with strict guidelines in place.  The studio is now completely sanitized after every class including all props.  There will no longer be any hands on assists or placement of essential oils directly on a students skin.  Please bring your own yoga mat or you may purchase one of mine for $20.  If you are a student and not feeling well, I ask that you please stay home, rest and visit our other opportunities to continue your yoga journey.  I respect all teachers decisions to not teach at this time and therefore, I will be teaching most all of the classes.  Classes will be limited to a class size of 8 people to allow "social distancing" so, sign up quickly as there will be no exceptions.  We will also be hosting outdoor pop-ups around the area (weather permitting) since, we can have more space and enjoy much needed fresh air.  The first pop- up will be Wednesday at 2pm and then at 3:30 pm at Jim Roberts Community Park. I will be putting up a link online to register and there will be signs in the park for directions (or you can always contact me directly at 904-669-8894). Both classes will be all level classes and a vinyasa flow style.   Lastly, I will offer online yoga and medication available shortly.  All classes whether in studio, pop-up or online will be covered under your current packages or available for purchase. We are all in this together and my goal is to help us all build those immune systems and remain healthy.  Should there be changes regarding the COVID 19, LifeFlow will shift to strictly a virtual format but that is a last resort.   Find your inner strength, embrace the calm within and keep taking those deep breaths. With Much Warmth and Gratitude, Tj

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